Bumpers take the majority of the wear and tear on our vehicles. The front bumper of a car especially sees a lot of damage from chips and sandblasting on the highway, and of course both bumpers are susceptible to dings and dents from parking incidents, fender benders, and other minor damage. While car paintless scratch repair specialists can fix many minor dings and scratches without having to repaint the panel, that is not always the case for your bumper.
Here is a quick guideline to help you determine how much work it’ll take to repair your bumper:

What Kind of Repair Does My Bumper Need?

The amount of damage to your bumper, and the condition of the rest of your car, determines how much has to be done to repair it.

  • Is the damage relatively minor? If you are just talking about a few small chips or scratches, repairing them may be a fairly quick and easy job for an auto paint repair specialist. Some chips might be fixable using spot repair tactics, by repainting and sanding the area before applying a clear coat.
  • Is the minor damage at the corners, or on the smooth front? Corners are easier to spot repair on a bumper, while small repairs to the front of the bumper will be much more obvious.
  • Is the bumper cracked or torn? A small crack or dent in the bumper could be repaired with filler and sanded to restore its original shape, but the entire bumper would have to be repainted in this case.
  • Is the bumper broken badly enough to justify a replacement? If you were in a fender bender or hit a pole in a parking lot, you may need to replace the bumper entirely. Bumpers come primed from the factory, so it will have to be painted to match your car.
  • Is your car’s paint faded or discolored? If your car is older, or if the paint has faded or discolored considerably from its original color, the paint on the bumper may not match exactly. In that case, the auto paint repair specialist will blend the paint on the surrounding panels.

Getting Your Bumper Repaired

If your car needs work, don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect. There are many car paint repair specialists to choose from, so your job is to narrow down your choices until you feel comfortable selecting the right one.

  • Google it. Find local auto paint repair specialists in your area. Search results will give you multiple listings to choose from, as well as links to positive and negative reviews for the various shops.
  • Read reviews. Most established car paint repair specialists have reviews online, whether good or bad. Look for a highly reviewed auto body shops.  If a shop doesn’t have any reviews or feedback that you can find, it might mean that it isn’t well established yet.
  • Ask for personal recommendations. You’d be surprised how many of your friends and acquaintances have had work done on their cars. Ask about their experiences. If someone raves about a certain auto paint repair shop, ask them what they liked about it, and consider using them for any repairs. Nothing beats a personal recommendation!

A sandblasted or cracked bumper can be an eyesore on an otherwise nice car, but luckily this kind of damage isn’t irreversible. Don’t lose hope! With a professional auto paint repair specialist, your car will be restored to its original state.
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