Whether you are an experienced or novice driver, it’s important to pay close attention to your vehicle’s dashboard functions to help keep track of essential information regarding your car. Therefore, when performing car interior repair, remember to also work on the dashboard. A properly functioning dashboard reminds you when it’s necessary to gas, how fast you are driving and also warns you when your car encounters a problem.
The benefits of repairing your dashboard are discussed below on the basis of its components. A dashboard is basically a combination of gauges, warning lights and other additional advanced features like a camera, GPS, music players, internet enabled devices and so on.


Gauges occupy a large space on your car’s dashboard meaning they have major functions to perform as far as your car is concerned. These gauges include: a fuel gauge, tachometer, speedometer, odometer and temperature gauge. Repairing gauges on your dashboard literally means restoring important functions. For instance, restoring a speedometer means you are in control of your car’s speed. On the other hand, a tachometer shows your car’s rpm of your car engine. It is perhaps one of the important components of your car that will notify you in case of a problem with your car’s engine.
When performing interior car repair, also work on fuel gauge. This lets you get back in control of gas. Without this gauge on your dashboard, it will be almost impossible to tell when gas levels hit a minimum. Also, the life of your engine lies in the hands of your dashboard’s temperature gauge. Only the temperature gauge will warn you when your car engine overheats. The odometer shows the distance you have driven so far. It is dangerous to drive your car without proper functioning of any of these gauges.

Warning Lights

Your car dashboard has warning lights, so always keep an eye on them. Once you see any warning lights, it’s typically time to take your vehicle to a mechanic to help identify the problem that is causing the lights to illuminate. A simple or serious problem can cause them to illuminate. A simple problem could be a need to change oil while more serious issues could be related to your car engine. Any car dashboard typically has at least one warning light for the battery, coolant, brakes, fuel, air bag, door, seat belt, anti-lock brake system and the engine.

Advanced Functions

Changes in technology are resulting in additional features to a car’s dashboard. Some cars now have advanced features like cameras for backups, jacks for mp3 devices, digital music players, internet access and GPS. Prevent damage to your car vinyl dashboard by ensuring its topcoat remains intact. The topcoat is important in sealing plasticizers that keep the dashboard flexible and supple without which your dashboard will crack and dry out. Lastly, the topcoat may wear away with each dashboard cleaning exercise unless you take special precautions. Do not wait until the light begin illuminating for you to perform interior car repair. Whenever you spot any problem, find a qualified mechanic to handle it immediately for proper functioning of dashboard and its components.
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