Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) specialists employ different techniques in body shops and car dent repair facilities to get rid of a dent from your car. The most common one is where a specialist uses special tools to perform this task. They carefully and skillfully push the dent back to the surface making it appear as though it’s vanished. However, not all dents can be reached from the underside. In this particular case they defer to a technique that allows them to pull the dent from the outside. In case the metal bulges, the car paintless scratch repair specialist can correct it by using a special tool to tap it so that it lies flat. It sounds complicated but it surely isn’t.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Paintless Dent Repair is a quick process that usually takes about an hour or two to get your dent fixed. PDR does not just rely on removing and replacing car panels but makes use of a series of special paintless car dent repair tools on either sides of the panel to bring the dent either back out or in line with the rest of the car.
Traditionally, auto dent repair guys would make use of series of hammers, rubber mallets and other basic tools to tap out dents from the rear of the damaged panels, bringing it back to its initial state. These processes would then require sanding, primer, filler and paint to complete.
However, PDR is slightly different from other car paintless scratch repair techniques. With PDR, a car dent repair specialist ideally massages out the dent using special tools and skillfully shapes it back to its original state. The tools look like bent rods and are combined with an S-hook tool to press the dent out from the back of a car panel with a little leverage.
One other very crucial auto dent repair tool for the PDR trade is…lights. A technician ideally shapes the dent back to its initial state similar to sculpting. Car paintless scratch repair helps remove the dent and gets the car panel back to its original perfect shape using lines, shadows and lights with special highlights that are placed on the panel. These lights draw lines on panels and follow the perfect curves of the other lines reflected over the car panel. A car dent repair technician’s job comes to an end when the old dents become invisible with no more dent and ding!
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