If your vehicle’s paint is looking faded and dingy, or you’re just after a change of color, a paint perfecting job could help you save some extra cash. Good preparation work coupled with a systematic approach will result in a new look for your car within a very short time period. Auto dent repair on the other hand can be very helpful in repairing hail dents or other similar kinds of damage that occur on a car’s exterior surface panels, without having to disturb the finish.


Clean the working area to completely remove dust. Wash your car down and clean its surface for any grease, dirt or road grime. Decide where you want to paint such as inner doorsills, trunk or engine bay. This might add time to the entire process hence require removing the engine or even stripping your car to its bare shell. However, if you are just looking to improve the exterior, then mask the regions you do not want to paint.  Wear your protective wear and dust mask and turn on your dust extractor.


Sand the surface away in circular motions. To achieve the best finish, you may need to sand the entire vehicle back to bare metal using a perfectly smooth finish. However, just make sure you get an even and smooth surface by finishing the last regions using fine grade wet-and-dry sandpaper. Wipe the surface down using thinners and a clean rag to get rid of dust. For a car with dents and scratches, it’s important to first seek professional car dent repair services before actual painting so that the car is restored back to its factory value and finish.


Mask regions that you do not want to paint using a newspaper and masking tape or plastic sheeting to avoid overspray. Mix the primer with thinners using manufacture recommended ratios available on paint cans. To spray, hold the gun about 6 inches from the car panel and spray in a side-to-side sweeping motion. Apply the trigger only when moving the spray gun. Apply the primer on the vehicle from the roof down. Lightly sand the surface using grit wet-and-dry sandpaper for a smooth and even finish. Both car painting perfecting and auto dent repair are tasks requiring skill and experience.


Paint jobs and car dent repair on cars these days are almost as modern and high tech as the cars themselves. As for the primer, mix thinners with paint by following paint can instruction such as ratios. Apply top coat paint and allow 30 minutes between each coat. Remove any residue by wiping it down using a clean rag prior to applying the last coat. Gently remove the masking whilst the coat is still fresh. Allow the clear coat to cure and inspect your finished job for imperfections or runs. If any, sand back the affected region and re-spray. Car paintless scratch repair has become widely used over the past decade by car dealers and auctions to prepare vehicles for resale even after undergoing a series of auto dent repairs.
Carefully buff the paint in circular motions to avoid burning the paint by pointing the buffer at one spot for too long. With persistence, some practice and a methodological approach, paint perfecting success becomes inevitable.
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