Ideally, leather and vinyl repair should not be difficult at all. Leather is among the most attractive components of your car and can make the interior of your vehicle more appealing. This is why it is essential to maintain the highest hygienic standards when it comes to your car’s interior.
Fortunately, it’s possible to repair your car’s leather interior within a very short space of time, regardless of the degree of its tears. Let’s look at how you can correctly repair your car’s leather interior.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Nail scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol or warm water
  • Small pieces of cloth
  • Adhesive glue
  • Some cotton wool
  • Leather conditioner
  • Replacement leather
  • A dye (can be any color choice)
  • A small piece of sandpaper
Step 1: Tidy the Tear

Begin by tidying the tear in the leather car seat. Use a pair of scissors to cut away the rough edges or areas around the tear. If there are any strands of material popping out from the tear, cut them too using a nail scissor. This will make the leather and vinyl repair procedure easier for attractive looking leather.

Step 2: Clean the Tear

Next, clean the tear thoroughly using cotton wool or a cloth and some warm water, or by rubbing with. Clean the surrounding areas of tear beneath and above it, so as to avoid the replacement leather from becoming dirty within a very short time.

Step 3: Cut Replacement

When performing car interior repair, it’s recommended that you buy a cut replacement that matches the interior of your vehicle or opt for a leather repair kit. Cut an excess of almost an inch on the sides so that it completely covers the current tear.

Step 4: Smooth and Sand

Apply a strong adhesive around the edge of the tear and carefully put the replacement piece in place. Let it stay for about three hours so that the adhesive can completely glue the two surfaces firmly together. Add sand on the edges to remove excess dye and rough the edges for reduced friction during later application of other agents.

Step 5: Color the Leather

Leather and vinyl repair is not complete without adding color to the replacement piece. Small amounts of color go a long way! The dye or color should also match the rest of the leather. Gently, blot away any excess color or dye.

Step 6: Condition the Seat

Condition the car’s interior so that it looks better and seal all the work you’ve done so far. Apply a leather conditioner over the replacement and use a small cloth to even it out and achieve the final glossy finish. The outcome of this repair is a unique design as opposed to a replacement, once the conditioner dries.
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