Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as “Paintless Dent Removal”, deals with dings and dents which deprive your car of its glory, along with scratches and swirls that occur in the absence of proper lighting. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a small dent, scrape or scratch, paintless dent repair can help reverse the process. On the other hand, lights help you to see whether or not the polish you are applying is broken down properly.
Halogen work lights are among the most popular to use for indoor lighting and are fairly priced as well. These lights help you identify any defects in the polish stages and paint as it breaks down further. Bumper repairs are effectively carried out with smart painting and polishing, but always polish your car under controlled lighting. Sunlight does not give the best lighting in this particular case because it’s sometimes masked with haze, fog or clouds and can hide imperfections, hazing and swirls.
You can only perform paintless dent repair if you have experience otherwise your car will look horrible. Alternatively, you can take lessons on how to perform dent repair so that you always do it yourself. The color of your paint, metallic or not, is an influencing factor on how easily you or others can see the flaws. Most non-metallic black cars will show everything. In contrast, metallic silver scatters and reflects most light that falls upon it, easily hiding any flaws. These principles apply to all paint jobs. Importantly, watch out for cheap car polishing, bumper repair and paintless dent removal deals that might put to risk the health of your car.
Under normal circumstances, a thin dust layer, for instance, can be totally invisible. Trying to experience with a hand or anything will only induce more scratches. Under “normal” lighting conditions, a paint job will tend to appear nearly flawless unlike in more severe lighting condition which reveals water pots, dust and swirl marks also known as fine scratches. Once you properly “see” and make the surface look great under those conditions, it will eventually look awesome in natural light.
Still on paintless dent removal, you can achieve a glossy car exterior appearance if you correctly employ this industry recognized process. The role of lights when polishing in this case cannot be stressed enough. Overhead lighting, such as the high warehouse skylights or fluorescent lights at a gas station during the night-tend to perform a great role in illuminating flaws along the horizontal surfaces of your vehicle, as long as there is no other light coming from any other direction. Very bright light on the surface works excellently; especially on darkened surfaces-get your good lights and experiment! If you need dent repair services, always go for those that can save you the time and inconvenience of taking your car to a paintless dent repair shop. Remember that not all cheap bumper repair deals are effective in giving you the so desired repair that will restore your car’s faded glory.


Suffice it to conclude that low lighting and viewing angles from the same point nearly parallel to the surface of your car are ideal for seeing “above surface” contaminants like dust and adhered stuff such as bug poop and sap. Higher lighting angles are also great for below-surface flaws.
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