It’s disappointing to get a scratch on your car, but many people hesitate to pay the price of professional car paint scratch repair. Unfortunately, although it may seem tempting just to pick up a paint pen or a scratch repair kit at the auto parts store, these carry a lot of risks with them.

When You Should Use Scratch Repair Kits

Should you take the chance and try to fix the scratch yourself? Here are some signs you might be able to benefit from using a scratch repair kit or a paint touch-up kit.

  • You purchased a high quality kit. If the touch-up paint you purchased is high quality, or if you bought a scratch repair kit that has everything you will need to do a good job — for instance, multiple grits of sandpaper, automotive polish, and a pad and disc for your drill — you will be more likely to get good results by doing it yourself.
  • You found touch-up paint or a paint pen that is identical to your car’s paint. If you have to use touch-up paint, it needs to be a perfect match to the color code found on the door to your car. Cheap knock-off paints will only make the scratch stand out even more.
  • The scratches are just on the surface. If you’re going to try buffing out scratches with a scratch repair kit, you need to make sure first that the scratches are just on the surface.
  • You are a seasoned DIY-er, or have experience with car paintless scratch repair. If you are accustomed to taking on tough tasks by yourself, or you have some experience with doing body work such as polishing and removing scratches, you will be much better equipped to handle the challenge!

When You Should Skip the DIY and Leave It to a Professional

If you’re nervous about removing scratches from your car, or if you don’t have the right tools for the job, chances are you should skip doing it yourself and look for a car paintless scratch repair specialist instead. Here are a few signs that your scratch repair is best left to the professionals.

  • You can’t find any touch up paint that is high quality, or you’re not sure about the quality. Having poor quality paint, or using a kit that doesn’t provide everything you need to do the job right, is a good way to ensure you won’t be happy with the results.
  • The touch-up paint isn’t an exact match. Make sure, if you need to do any painting, that what you buy is an exact match to the paint code on the inside of your door jamb. The best way to make sure of this is to buy from a reputable manufacturer, check reviews, and if necessary, purchase your touch-up paint directly from the dealer.
  • The scratches go through the clear coat. Deeper scratches will need more work, paint, and possibly even filler in order to repair the damage.
  • You’re not comfortable with, or knowledgeable about, DIY projects. Doing the job yourself requires that you be comfortable with sanding and painting your car — things that could have lasting effects if you mess it up. You should also be either experienced with body work or polishing, or good at following directions. If this isn’t you, don’t take the risk!

Making a Decision

Should you do the work yourself, or find a car paint scratch repair specialist to do it professionally? If you feel like you can handle the task, and you are willing to take the time to round up the right paint and tools, then go for it. But if you doing it right sounds too time consuming for your schedule, or if the thought of doing it yourself makes you nervous, don’t take the chance — hire a professional!
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