Keeping car rims in good condition is essential for its overall health and appearance. Damaged rims eventually lead to additional costs in terms of rim repairs down the lane, and can pose as a safety risk as well. Therefore, if your rims need a repair, here are five great tips to consider.

Warning Signs

Rim issues are easily detectable. However, depending on the nature of damage, they may cause a thumping noise when driving or constantly vibrate through your steering wheel. If you fail to notice these cues but detect problems with your vehicle’s handling or sudden changes in gas mileages, take a closer look at your rims. Check if the rims are broken, cracked, bent or dented and if they require a car rim repair service.


Apart from sustaining uneven wear on car tires, damaged rims result in difficulties in handling your car and may lower gas mileage. In other words, this means regular changing of tires; in a worse scenario, you risk a deadly tire blowout.

When to Repair

Pay your mechanic a visit for car rim repair assistance. In case the rim is bent, straightening should not be taxing at all. However, if it’s cracked or its lug holes are damaged, it may be irreparable. Talk to your mechanic prior to buying replacements for a more definitive answer.

When to Replace

Compare repair quotes from a trustworthy mechanic to the price of procuring a new one for your car. In short, if the rim repair cost is higher than the replacement cost, get yourself a new rim. On the other hand, if the repair cost is lower than the cost of a new rim, get it fixed. Fixed rims are just as reliable and strong as new ones.

The Price Tag

You can easily straighten a bent rim and may cost less than $75.  In case your rims require welding to repair breaks, or if they require re-painting and refinishing after car rim repairs, your bill may go as high as $200-$480 per rim. Other rim repair jobs call for a complete replacement of your tire. This can mean spending additional money. Also, in case you need to replace your car rims, expect to spend between $200 and $500. However, this will depend on the model and make of your car.
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